My name is pronounced “Duh-FRAW-nkey.” It’s French. Corsican to be more specific. I currently work as an Anchor/Producer/Reporter at KCWY News 13 in Casper, WY.

I was born and raised in France but am an American citizen through my mother. Growing up in two worlds has given me a unique perspective, and I try to approach everything I do with the same candor and curiosity I had as a kid… but with a bit more common sense.

Coming from a family of polyglots, I speak fluent French and English as well as conversational Spanish (Castillian), and I’ve had at least a year of Italian, Russian, and Finnish each. I also worked for four years as a French translator/editor and have also done some interpreting in both French and Spanish.

I worked hard in college, going after complex topics like women’s health care and visiting the local county jail instead of settling for campus events. Those efforts were rewarded with national student awards, from the Hearst Foundation and the Alliance for Women in Media (Gracie Award).

I have interned for KSL 5 TV, Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate, as a field producer and assistant producer, and I’ve anchored morning radio on Classical 89. I’ve also anchored ElevenNEWS, BYU’s live TV newscast, and have been a reporter and associate producer for the show, even doing a few months as weather anchor.

Ask any of my former supervisors and they’ll tell you I work hard and produce high-quality work on tight deadlines — and I do it with a positive attitude. I sincerely believe journalism is a noble endeavor, and I strive to be the kind of reporter that brings value and innovation to the table, not just day book stories (although these can be an important aspect of the news if they are relevant to the audience).

I’m also a digital native, and I love learning about how to use social media in my work. Pick your social media platform, I’m there!


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