I thought it would be fun to illustrate what it is I do daily in terms of my online presence. Whether I’m out reporting or in the studio organizing a show, I do my best to stay connected. I try to not just throw content out into the world wide web but also engage with viewers and members of the community. I repost, retweet, “like,” tag, etc. and try to be a producer and consumer of content. Those efforts pay off as I gain new followers and develop contacts.

I’ve also made it a point to stay connected with industry professionals and former colleagues/mentors so that I know about trends and see what others are doing. It’s great for my creativity and helps me get new ideas, and of course networking is crucial in this business.

social media presence

Clockwise from top: Hootsuite, LinkedIn, a photo taken while riding a helicopter for a story, Twitter interactions, a story I posted to our website, and my Facebook page.